People Inspired

Friday, February 13, 2015


If you think that by travelling alone, choosing to plan your career or making money out of your first real job, you have grown independent. Then Just take a step back, stand in front of the mirror and slap yourself. Not once but twice. Reality will seek you.

It is hard living a life. Period. What makes it easier is when you accept that you cannot do everything alone. When you kill your ego to a brutal death and walk out in sunshine, smiling at people and accepting everyone for what they are. You actually start to live. If someone annoys you, then you have no business to be with them. Also, no one forces you too.

Economics says that biggest asset that humans have is the power of choice. It is hard for people to accept that though. As dumb as it may sound but we never actually “choose wisely”.

Are you a very ambitious person? Do you have hard-coded goals and dreams? Do Inspirational people attract your deep yet unworthy attention? Do you work hard? Finally, do you get  lonely and depressed?
If any of the question clicks with you. Then remember. Your life is on a ‘Highway to hell’ *cliché*

It may be easier for a man to say that the fairer sex likes qualities such as ambition and aggression in a man. But what the man doesn’t actually realize is that fairer sex is as dumb. Because when it comes to generalization of human being. Everyone has a choice.

We may seclude ourselves to the corners of the universe, trying to work out our problems and staying silent even though the mind is still crapping out loud. Yet we serve no purpose. Because our perspective in our own matters is nothing but blinded.

Look into your life and ask yourself. What would you have in the next 24 hours? If you can answer that then ask yourself about a week? A month? A year?. Where would you be. Are you going to get married in a year or so? Will you ever get your dream job? Are you studying the right thing? Is your path towards your ambition correct? Are you satisfied with what you have aimed for yourself? Are you actually having an aim?

Do you think you can find answers to all these questions, sitting alone and silent while your mind jumps like a monkey, hanging to the neurons as branches of trees, shattering your memories and broadcasting a nightmare instead of a dream?

As a human, you have a will for something. Then you have the provision to plan for it, work for it. Give time to it. And then reap its benefits. But for all this action is needed. A small step, the first step, is needed.

We compare ourselves with those who have achieved in life and tend to incline towards the easier shortcuts with short term benefits. What we never understand is that talent is just a pen. Your skill is the white paper, empty as it is, but is ready to take whatever you write on it. Whether good or bad. Lucky or unlucky. Your story remains yours. Period.

You want to do something? Just go ahead, work on it and get it. If not, don’t settle.

You want to love someone? then respect his or her feelings, express your love and check out for yourself whether it would work out or not.

You want someone as your closest aide? Never ever leave him  or her. Because you make a closest aid, only when you need one the most. There is no checklist. It is pure intuition. If most of your decisions in life have been on gut feeling. Then these shouldn’t be different.

Remember a closest aide is way more important than Love and Ambition. Love may fail, ambition may drown yet the aide would never leave you.

You have a dream. Just work towards it. Silence will soon prevail around you and society will shy away. At the end of the day, you would be happy.

And yes, never be lonely!