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Friday, February 13, 2015


If you think that by travelling alone, choosing to plan your career or making money out of your first real job, you have grown independent. Then Just take a step back, stand in front of the mirror and slap yourself. Not once but twice. Reality will seek you.

It is hard living a life. Period. What makes it easier is when you accept that you cannot do everything alone. When you kill your ego to a brutal death and walk out in sunshine, smiling at people and accepting everyone for what they are. You actually start to live. If someone annoys you, then you have no business to be with them. Also, no one forces you too.

Economics says that biggest asset that humans have is the power of choice. It is hard for people to accept that though. As dumb as it may sound but we never actually “choose wisely”.

Are you a very ambitious person? Do you have hard-coded goals and dreams? Do Inspirational people attract your deep yet unworthy attention? Do you work hard? Finally, do you get  lonely and depressed?
If any of the question clicks with you. Then remember. Your life is on a ‘Highway to hell’ *cliché*

It may be easier for a man to say that the fairer sex likes qualities such as ambition and aggression in a man. But what the man doesn’t actually realize is that fairer sex is as dumb. Because when it comes to generalization of human being. Everyone has a choice.

We may seclude ourselves to the corners of the universe, trying to work out our problems and staying silent even though the mind is still crapping out loud. Yet we serve no purpose. Because our perspective in our own matters is nothing but blinded.

Look into your life and ask yourself. What would you have in the next 24 hours? If you can answer that then ask yourself about a week? A month? A year?. Where would you be. Are you going to get married in a year or so? Will you ever get your dream job? Are you studying the right thing? Is your path towards your ambition correct? Are you satisfied with what you have aimed for yourself? Are you actually having an aim?

Do you think you can find answers to all these questions, sitting alone and silent while your mind jumps like a monkey, hanging to the neurons as branches of trees, shattering your memories and broadcasting a nightmare instead of a dream?

As a human, you have a will for something. Then you have the provision to plan for it, work for it. Give time to it. And then reap its benefits. But for all this action is needed. A small step, the first step, is needed.

We compare ourselves with those who have achieved in life and tend to incline towards the easier shortcuts with short term benefits. What we never understand is that talent is just a pen. Your skill is the white paper, empty as it is, but is ready to take whatever you write on it. Whether good or bad. Lucky or unlucky. Your story remains yours. Period.

You want to do something? Just go ahead, work on it and get it. If not, don’t settle.

You want to love someone? then respect his or her feelings, express your love and check out for yourself whether it would work out or not.

You want someone as your closest aide? Never ever leave him  or her. Because you make a closest aid, only when you need one the most. There is no checklist. It is pure intuition. If most of your decisions in life have been on gut feeling. Then these shouldn’t be different.

Remember a closest aide is way more important than Love and Ambition. Love may fail, ambition may drown yet the aide would never leave you.

You have a dream. Just work towards it. Silence will soon prevail around you and society will shy away. At the end of the day, you would be happy.

And yes, never be lonely!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The killing of a bird over a hill top is as fascinating for a hunter as it is disgusting for a bird lover

No matter how loud you shout within that peripheral bliss of money making on the ‘floor’, for every investment manager dances to the tunes of the crawling indices around the globe, at the end when the closure bell rings, the stock market sleeps, with many sedated by profits and many anesthetized by drastic losses. And the moment when you realize that you could have traded well, the sudden demise of a business bankrupts the many swimmers in markets. This paragraph is not to be understood.

Think of the times when Alexander must have traded gold coins for his army’s shelter in a city. Oh! Wait, neither did he trade gold coins nor did he ask for shelter. He rather, dreadfully, traded in blood- his very own style of acquisitions. Something that even Napoleon and the British army took the liberty of following. Was Napoleon born before Alexander? Good question, but that is not the scope here.

And so the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) in the warfare were a common sight. So is the case in the famous Games of Thrones. You have the delicacies of mistrust, misfortunes, defamation, cheat, conspiring tactics, murderous vengeance and lastly, the sweetness of woman's love. All these together knitted kingdoms and their allies with them or their opponents against them. Yet in the end, the success was biased and one-sided. In form of victory, it belonged to the kingdom with better resources, better man power (warriors) and most of all, with better influence. The fortune spent on war was limitless, for the victorious makes the fallen kingdom- defunct and dry of resources. Yet, with in that dreadful environment, the population of the fallen kingdom migrates within the realm of the victorious king and is taken care of, yet with lower resources in access than to the one’s already serving their native kingdom.

The slanderous rage and vengeance between kingdoms slowly started to subside as years passed by and humans became more development oriented. With every piece of their mind dedicated to invention and progress. People started to think ways to connect the world and there was some amicable communication among the mob. The vengeance took a new avatar of competition which was less dreadful and more of a struggle to survive. Within that the corporate companies and Blue chips took the very role of kingdoms and the wars were cold and silent yet tangible.

What we now see or hear and interpret in market is nowhere close to the reality behind that decision; A decision that makes a small company worth billion dollars overnight or a start-up, slogging its way by making one game, soon hits millions of users and tunes in three-fold the predicted valuation, again in billions.

The use of term ‘Billion’ in valuations is now as common as was the use of term thousand when NASDAQ or S&P valued companies in near 90’s. The transformation is enormous and the liquidation within the market has grown to a more risky space. What lies beneath this is an ideology unsurpassed- the greater the CROWD, the more the valuation. Either you round up investors to pool in or you lay down your arms in front of a kingdom- the one with better resources and manpower. Yet, the only contrast lies is in the ‘need’. In contrast with the past where the victorious kingdom had the best manpower and winning a war was just the aim (gradually taking the resources of the other kingdom) In the Present, the companies takeover the other not just for their resources but also for their skilled manpower. The stress is more on ‘skill’.

The point I am trying to make here is that human emotions regarding business have never changed. What we negotiate is not money or any liquid asset, but it is sheer ego on table. The one that can carve out the ego from the other’s struggle to win- will win, irrespective of his exposure. Ego need not be flushed but ego needs to be contained. It’s the only thing that makes you strong. It is the only thing that makes you believe in yourself. It’s the only thing that you have when you are secluded in solitude. But if you project it and press over the other, the latter would not accept to bend under your supremity. That is why Alexander and Napoleon were dreadful, for people then could not be easily swayed to let down their ego. But people now are more open and every one competes for supremacy, thereby an increase in insecurity. Therefore, to deal with them, you just need your ego to be at its best behavior.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life as we know it

Life as we know it.

“The Biggest story of Life is that it’s free. The sale is in every season. Question is how cheap you are to spend a buck on it. Because in the end, we all are same, it's just the expenses that differ!”

It’s hard and difficult to live a life. Yes, it is. Maybe because we are assertive no matter how many positives lead to an optimistic future. But in the end, our self made premises lead to a conclusion, something that every one uniquely comprehends.

Luck is nothing but a myth. Maybe God!

Opportunities well are the sources of hope.


Success is the source of materialistic happiness.

Combine all three and that defines your life. Isn’t it true?

 These are the three elements that always define your thoughts. That is when you tell your wife that you’re busy, your children that you cannot go for a movie (and) if you are unmarried, then maybe you ignore your surroundings because of such thoughts. We all live in a personal bubble and we forget to see what’s beyond a life that has these three elements. Maybe that is why we use a small fraction of our brain. And if you tell me you enjoy your life and these three ain’t the only defining elements, then either you really have achieved ‘nirvana’ of your personal bubble or you just had an epiphany.

There would be many who would tell you to think positive, prioritize your work, and strive harder for your self- made goals, to focus, to be active every hour blah blah.

But it isn’t necessary.

Following rules and protocols makes you more human. But I am asking you to be more yourself. There are times in your life when your brain completely shunts your orders and makes you more unproductive (less productive sounds trivial). In such situations you tend to blame your consciousness of surroundings. You actually threaten your own soul to concentrate else you tear it apart. For some it is just another source of keeping the focus and for some it is the reason for grueling suicidal tendencies.

You may dream of your girl. You may be more enchanted by the fictional love story you dream. You may have habits that irritate your own self. But then whatever you do is what you do and no one else.

It is time that you relax. It is time that you are more selfish about your needs. It is time to prioritize not work but love. It is time that you are closer to people who matter -Your parents, siblings, cousins, friends and love.-Because at the end of the day, if you haven’t been out of your bubble created by those three elements of ‘life’, then you actually haven’t lived a life.

Life is simple as we know it and it is filled with people who care about you if you look it in that way. Being inspired is not medicine. Being motivated is not the solution. Being you is.

“No matter how alone I am; No matter how world looks at me, I know not how I would be perceived when thrown within the light amongst the billions of earthiens in the audience. But I do know in that moment, that minute part of my life would be spent looking at you as a friend... Shouting... Cheering... Jumping for accomplishing my fears for me and pushing me in for that extra mile, so that success kisses me”

Maybe love is all we want and that is where we stretch ourselves out to use our brain more than what we do; It may be so that the heart is the controller. Scientifically proven? I don’t care because for me my world is what I perceive it as. And for me it is how I make it so. At the end of the day, what you have done is what the results show. 

You prayed God, you did something nice. You prayed evil, well you did something bad. You behaved in a manner as per the protocol of the society, you lived it right. But if you lived your life on your terms, then you lived as you want it. Right (or) wrong? Isn’t it good to be the judge of own? It is right.

(now am standing, raising my hand, and shouting like a creep)

Just smile, live life, set your principles and just live it people. Be blank, be unproductive for sometime but then sketch it out for latter.  Anytime, anywhere, you are who you are. And people will like you if you like yourself, because if you do something you don’t like, then obviously the others also do not. And if they do, change the ‘scene’ (the surroundings or people) as soon as possible. Sing a song, dance a step, learn something on hold, and spend the money. (The currency of life)
Your source of happiness,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rupee and You

--- An outcry.


Quantitative easing is a process by which US Fed will buy back Mortgage based securities and US treasury bonds to stimulate the ascent of dollar. In such process, the Indian trading scenario– value of Import and export (Fiscal deficit) – is adversely affected due to incompetence of other currencies.
Following the descending trend, was our rupee, which recently saw a decline of around 23%. It’s the sharpest fall since 1991. In the below story, the rupee is referring to the Masters (‘they’) – the Ministry of Finance and the UPA – and his village that is the RBI.

To any-one-reading,
You are a sibling to me.

Let’s share a secret, a small one I must say. Are you interested in hearing me out?
I don’t think it’s much of a secret now. For ‘they’ have been prodding me and now I have slumped like cow dung over wet mud in a rusty household near ‘that’ not-so-developed village, where people are shredding the very last portraits of mine and valuing my ‘contemporaries’. The picture I am trying to project is absolutely bizarre yet it’s vehement in its portrayal – portrayal of my state. (pause) (cough).

 You may not know me. Yes, You. For I have always been with you yet you never understood me; I know you don’t wish to know about me. Oh! Come on, you have so many commitments right? But let me tell you this. Everything that you do, plan to do or have actually done, somewhere or the other leads to me, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally. I am a companion you can never ignore because without me, you – a girl or a boy or whatever – would never even make a decision or spread your thoughts – ubiquitously – for ‘free’ as none of your thoughts are less valued – especially in your opinion – and aren’t available without any decree. Sad.

I believe my ‘anger’ is justifiable, for you haven’t taken any steps to save your dying sibling. Yeah! That sibling is me. But gaining your sympathy isn’t my cup of tea rather making you understand and feel my plight, well, to an extent, is.

For Mr. Gandhi was a decent man and in his time I was valued. I belonged to a ‘golden bird’ and represented the highest loyalty to the one who deserved me. I can be ‘bitchy’ in terms of my changing values yet that is how I was born and can’t change it. Many in a ‘market’ show their authority on me but I really don’t get what they are deciding on. It’s like someone asking the other, ‘hey, do you think I can make this misbehaving child a disciplined youth in a week? The answer is eventually ‘No’. Moreover, ‘they’ think they know my background, my emotional threshold and the break-even point, where I’ll give up everything and ascent as ‘they’ want me to. Now, as you are reading to my cry so intently, let me make this story straight for you.

Just few months back, the Superstar of our virtual entertainment world recited a new dialogue (ref. Ben Bernanke). I love that dialogue. It’s epic. He said, ‘Quantitative easing is required’. I was elated - sitting in the chair of the theatre with that scene flashing by. I praised him for such a performance. But I really didn’t know what it meant; I was just euphoric because of the star power surrounding the man during the dialogue. The next day, my best friend ‘Yen’, saw a sharp decline in his weight. His father, Japan, faced a migraine- stroke because of this. But I was young and rebellious. I wasn’t able to comprehend the situation then. In the same week, Dinar and pound, my two overseas friends, were ignoring my calls, as though I am nothing to them. 

I really wasn’t able to understand situations that arose in the same period. I was losing a lot of weight. Moreover, my so-called friend, Dollar, was gaining so much importance in the market. I had no option but to go, stand in front of him and give him fake appreciations, for I never understood why he was so important. But he had a good physique and was ‘stable’, actually physically stable but mentally ‘lost’. His masters were somewhat similar to mine. So, I can easily relate to his situation. I feel sympathetic for such an athlete. For me, on the other hand, the masters that control me, well, aren’t capable enough to even feed me properly. Maybe that’s why dollar is of more importance than me. Dollar’s masters are capable of bringing out stimulus plans, spend trillions on his recovery but my people, even though borrow and spend billions on my recovery – for they do as they have to – the money never even reaches my hospital doors. Either the ‘watchman’ outside the gate threatens the money-bearing officers with a gun and runs away with it or the ‘doctor’ treating me is more corrupt then I guessed, looking by his autocratic nature and incompetent surgical decisions. Bad guy!

Whoever you are, reading my outburst, I believe somewhere or the other you know me. I plead for my wellness and I believe that one day, these friends of mine would follow me and my idea rather me pleading them for mercy. I am you sibling, a true one. For now I need help. Don’t share me by likes or hash tags, but learn about me and understand me to the fullest so that you can free me from the prison of my masters. They Ill-treat me and I cry every day and night, for my pain is insufferable and my illness has caused me to lose a lot of weight.  I will die soon, if steps are not taken for my recovery. I plead my life. I plead my soul. Oh! Sibling, I plead my dignity.
Your Sibling.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decelerated Growth

Amartya Sen says “...the achievement of high growth must ultimately be judged in terms of the impact of that economic growth on the lives and freedoms of the people...”

Sen believes that in democracy, equality comes with freedom and social justice. Such are his views and such views cannot be solemnly misjudged. India is growing, a fact, yet its depreciating in terms of social empowerment and there is still no void filled when it comes for health reforms, rural infrastructural reforms, Girl child education and safety so on...

Let’s speak about the India that youth inhabit in. We have seen booming start-ups, new innovations, diversifying fields of professionalism and educational establishments, more rankings and researches, better opportunities, more reformed status of youth, greater emphasis on education and much better sense of accountability with younger generation looking the prospective of creative professionalism fuelling countries long-term prospects of growth. But is it?

NGO’s have been established, many are working to lift the rural people especially the children who are lacking the fundamental resources to cult a living in their budding age. Education is always prime importance; health becomes an important catalyst and resources, well, needed as by the urban people. Growth is not just acceleration of economy or winning competition from a bordering country but it is what happens within the country; it is the scale of ‘social justice’ that cannot be argued and it is the surety of equality of opportunity for every citizen that holds certain duties within the constitutional framework.

Nehru believed in capitalism even though India was more of a socialist and progressing in the same way under the Indira Gandhi regime. I do credit Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for the commercialization of our country with better technologies and more job-oriented opportunities stepping onto our shores. But the corruption was a side effect and that slowly nauseated India in its long run. If you agree, then it is still.

Being young gives me advantage of not knowing everything yet forming opinions is self analysis. I do not understand UPA or NDA or the Left and right. What I understand is that India needs to aim properly and focus at its goal as is said to a young student aiming to crack an entrance test. Having an economist leader like Mr. Singh is an advantage said my grandfather during the UPA win after Mr. Vajpayee lost. But ten years down the line, I could just see more scams and less development and many people angry with the same leader silent. If the sub-ordinates are angry then there was a mistake in the part of the leader and such organisation can, well, be imagined in rubbles when the D-day of new elections comes in. I, as a youth of this country, may just want to study, work hard and earn a proper living but then if my expenditures can, as per Keynesian economics, lead to a small growth of the country then I need assurances that my hard work and perseverance for such a long time to get that money is spent wisely and the required channels are being followed.

India is inching slowly towards the developed status quo. Such progress requires proper mentoring and taming by goal-oriented masters. Politicians can step in the shoes of such masters, forget the divisions among the parties, centrally allocate power to a neutral man like the President and move towards reform else Kedarnath was a natural calamity and can be excused for the several reasons but if the whole country, someday, is flooded and people scream out for help, then tell me, Who would carry out the rescue operations?

Growth statistics can be obtained from any websites or magazine, but the philosophy is what requires proper perspectives. Comment not only on your instincts of failure but also on the required governance and steps to save our deteriorating political offices. India lacks a leader and even if a strong one steps in, he or she would surely be suppressed or delayed by the opposing parties and bad politics. We require a neutral leader with one aim and one aim only- Growth. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Housing bubble of 2008

The housing bubble wasn’t just a shock but rather a disaster

Raghuram Rajan says, “...the housing bubble that helped bring about the Financial crises was merely a symptom...”

When Raghuram Rajan presented his paper ‘Has Financial Market made the world riskier?’ (Raghuram Rajan-2005), he didn’t think much on it because he had nailed it right. The Financial machinery hasn’t been regulated well and soon is going to break down. Did the Bankers do it? A question he asked and we all would have had our answers if we realized what he was talking about?

He did make sense and effectively presented the declining options for private banks to liquidate their ‘stocks’ which ‘they’-the ‘private’ banks labelled as ‘The Collateralized Debt Obligation’ (CDO). Not only were they insured for this but they also managed to get private investors buy loans given to middle class people whose probability of repaying the amount was KNOWN to be minimal.  

In his paper, Rajan describes the incentive structure of the traders and how Investment bankers are actually nailing their boots to the floors and waiting for the boom. When in 2001, the CDO’s were effectively sold out as Sub-Prime mortgages, very few had their eyes open into the future guessing about the bubble burst. Rajan was one of the few and he dared to speak it out. 

In 2005, the paper was presented in front of huge galore of widely-recognised listeners. The crowd wasn’t just any other financial-conference crowd but it was a pack of A-Lister’s, the Government know-how’s and the policy makers, who were trying to condemn the idea Rajan was presenting.

Many didn’t want to hear.

In 2006, Banks had started to show the danger signs. Red flags were drawn and economists had already pointed at the high-cost incentive structures and roll outs. Wall Street started to feel the tremors of the bubble burst when few private banks were declining at a faster rate. Some officials from the foreign governments signalled the US finance authorities of the ‘Tsunami’ that was to come. Still many private banks didn’t actually understand the signs until the fall of three major banks and one of them inching to slow death- Lehman brothers was out- Senate hearings have started and many economic evangelists are asked for help. 

2008: Institutional grounds on economics remained weak and Rajan saw what he had pictured right in front of him as soon as 2008 started to become more disastrous. Many great banks fell and so was their insurer- AIG was down. World was trembling with losses. Families were shattered and the recession had taken its diabolic face.

Stimulus plans were out. Trillions of dollars were streamlined considering the Keynesian economics yet many still didn’t understand what the housing bubble was? And whether these stimulus plans were actually effective? 

Great leaders behind these private banks were asked to step down but it wasn’t for long. The presidency was ending and a new era of change, as promised by the new President-nominee, was starting. But the effect actually never subsided and we saw same people institutionalizing over the dollar, which adds to the decline of value for many currencies around the globe. A second stimulus plan was sanctioned and it did nothing good than worse. The economy was sledge-hammered and Rajan knew the picture he saw is still missing some pieces. 
There’s more to the bubble and the burst is yet to happen.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Circumstantially Close

 Circumstantially Close

The liberty of a chained man within the conundrum of contingencies defines his own state of malignant emotions playing mockery thus defined.

Established are those forceful men and women with complacent minds synchronized with the patterns of time and the sound of winning tides. For they are successful for their power thus defined.

They say thou shall seek friendship in the interior of heart yet none shall be defined close and none shall be far. For each is equal if they are thy friends else they are enemies which thou wouldn’t care.

For people may say in tests of circumstance, in an instance, for seeking sympathy, for emotional glance, that thou is my closest aide, thou I respect but when did you know the emotional bond, its been years just passed yet thou scorn.  Pity not mercy shall be bestowed and Compromise not vengeance is to tow.

Yet, the chained man still reminiscent of the pleasure and luxury now weeps, yet in the solitude of loneliness so scared he feeds. For thy god has betrayed not me not them, for thy god was a friend, a closest aide.