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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The killing of a bird over a hill top is as fascinating for a hunter as it is disgusting for a bird lover

No matter how loud you shout within that peripheral bliss of money making on the ‘floor’, for every investment manager dances to the tunes of the crawling indices around the globe, at the end when the closure bell rings, the stock market sleeps, with many sedated by profits and many anesthetized by drastic losses. And the moment when you realize that you could have traded well, the sudden demise of a business bankrupts the many swimmers in markets. This paragraph is not to be understood.

Think of the times when Alexander must have traded gold coins for his army’s shelter in a city. Oh! Wait, neither did he trade gold coins nor did he ask for shelter. He rather, dreadfully, traded in blood- his very own style of acquisitions. Something that even Napoleon and the British army took the liberty of following. Was Napoleon born before Alexander? Good question, but that is not the scope here.

And so the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) in the warfare were a common sight. So is the case in the famous Games of Thrones. You have the delicacies of mistrust, misfortunes, defamation, cheat, conspiring tactics, murderous vengeance and lastly, the sweetness of woman's love. All these together knitted kingdoms and their allies with them or their opponents against them. Yet in the end, the success was biased and one-sided. In form of victory, it belonged to the kingdom with better resources, better man power (warriors) and most of all, with better influence. The fortune spent on war was limitless, for the victorious makes the fallen kingdom- defunct and dry of resources. Yet, with in that dreadful environment, the population of the fallen kingdom migrates within the realm of the victorious king and is taken care of, yet with lower resources in access than to the one’s already serving their native kingdom.

The slanderous rage and vengeance between kingdoms slowly started to subside as years passed by and humans became more development oriented. With every piece of their mind dedicated to invention and progress. People started to think ways to connect the world and there was some amicable communication among the mob. The vengeance took a new avatar of competition which was less dreadful and more of a struggle to survive. Within that the corporate companies and Blue chips took the very role of kingdoms and the wars were cold and silent yet tangible.

What we now see or hear and interpret in market is nowhere close to the reality behind that decision; A decision that makes a small company worth billion dollars overnight or a start-up, slogging its way by making one game, soon hits millions of users and tunes in three-fold the predicted valuation, again in billions.

The use of term ‘Billion’ in valuations is now as common as was the use of term thousand when NASDAQ or S&P valued companies in near 90’s. The transformation is enormous and the liquidation within the market has grown to a more risky space. What lies beneath this is an ideology unsurpassed- the greater the CROWD, the more the valuation. Either you round up investors to pool in or you lay down your arms in front of a kingdom- the one with better resources and manpower. Yet, the only contrast lies is in the ‘need’. In contrast with the past where the victorious kingdom had the best manpower and winning a war was just the aim (gradually taking the resources of the other kingdom) In the Present, the companies takeover the other not just for their resources but also for their skilled manpower. The stress is more on ‘skill’.

The point I am trying to make here is that human emotions regarding business have never changed. What we negotiate is not money or any liquid asset, but it is sheer ego on table. The one that can carve out the ego from the other’s struggle to win- will win, irrespective of his exposure. Ego need not be flushed but ego needs to be contained. It’s the only thing that makes you strong. It is the only thing that makes you believe in yourself. It’s the only thing that you have when you are secluded in solitude. But if you project it and press over the other, the latter would not accept to bend under your supremity. That is why Alexander and Napoleon were dreadful, for people then could not be easily swayed to let down their ego. But people now are more open and every one competes for supremacy, thereby an increase in insecurity. Therefore, to deal with them, you just need your ego to be at its best behavior.

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