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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life as we know it

Life as we know it.

“The Biggest story of Life is that it’s free. The sale is in every season. Question is how cheap you are to spend a buck on it. Because in the end, we all are same, it's just the expenses that differ!”

It’s hard and difficult to live a life. Yes, it is. Maybe because we are assertive no matter how many positives lead to an optimistic future. But in the end, our self made premises lead to a conclusion, something that every one uniquely comprehends.

Luck is nothing but a myth. Maybe God!

Opportunities well are the sources of hope.


Success is the source of materialistic happiness.

Combine all three and that defines your life. Isn’t it true?

 These are the three elements that always define your thoughts. That is when you tell your wife that you’re busy, your children that you cannot go for a movie (and) if you are unmarried, then maybe you ignore your surroundings because of such thoughts. We all live in a personal bubble and we forget to see what’s beyond a life that has these three elements. Maybe that is why we use a small fraction of our brain. And if you tell me you enjoy your life and these three ain’t the only defining elements, then either you really have achieved ‘nirvana’ of your personal bubble or you just had an epiphany.

There would be many who would tell you to think positive, prioritize your work, and strive harder for your self- made goals, to focus, to be active every hour blah blah.

But it isn’t necessary.

Following rules and protocols makes you more human. But I am asking you to be more yourself. There are times in your life when your brain completely shunts your orders and makes you more unproductive (less productive sounds trivial). In such situations you tend to blame your consciousness of surroundings. You actually threaten your own soul to concentrate else you tear it apart. For some it is just another source of keeping the focus and for some it is the reason for grueling suicidal tendencies.

You may dream of your girl. You may be more enchanted by the fictional love story you dream. You may have habits that irritate your own self. But then whatever you do is what you do and no one else.

It is time that you relax. It is time that you are more selfish about your needs. It is time to prioritize not work but love. It is time that you are closer to people who matter -Your parents, siblings, cousins, friends and love.-Because at the end of the day, if you haven’t been out of your bubble created by those three elements of ‘life’, then you actually haven’t lived a life.

Life is simple as we know it and it is filled with people who care about you if you look it in that way. Being inspired is not medicine. Being motivated is not the solution. Being you is.

“No matter how alone I am; No matter how world looks at me, I know not how I would be perceived when thrown within the light amongst the billions of earthiens in the audience. But I do know in that moment, that minute part of my life would be spent looking at you as a friend... Shouting... Cheering... Jumping for accomplishing my fears for me and pushing me in for that extra mile, so that success kisses me”

Maybe love is all we want and that is where we stretch ourselves out to use our brain more than what we do; It may be so that the heart is the controller. Scientifically proven? I don’t care because for me my world is what I perceive it as. And for me it is how I make it so. At the end of the day, what you have done is what the results show. 

You prayed God, you did something nice. You prayed evil, well you did something bad. You behaved in a manner as per the protocol of the society, you lived it right. But if you lived your life on your terms, then you lived as you want it. Right (or) wrong? Isn’t it good to be the judge of own? It is right.

(now am standing, raising my hand, and shouting like a creep)

Just smile, live life, set your principles and just live it people. Be blank, be unproductive for sometime but then sketch it out for latter.  Anytime, anywhere, you are who you are. And people will like you if you like yourself, because if you do something you don’t like, then obviously the others also do not. And if they do, change the ‘scene’ (the surroundings or people) as soon as possible. Sing a song, dance a step, learn something on hold, and spend the money. (The currency of life)
Your source of happiness,

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