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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rupee and You

--- An outcry.


Quantitative easing is a process by which US Fed will buy back Mortgage based securities and US treasury bonds to stimulate the ascent of dollar. In such process, the Indian trading scenario– value of Import and export (Fiscal deficit) – is adversely affected due to incompetence of other currencies.
Following the descending trend, was our rupee, which recently saw a decline of around 23%. It’s the sharpest fall since 1991. In the below story, the rupee is referring to the Masters (‘they’) – the Ministry of Finance and the UPA – and his village that is the RBI.

To any-one-reading,
You are a sibling to me.

Let’s share a secret, a small one I must say. Are you interested in hearing me out?
I don’t think it’s much of a secret now. For ‘they’ have been prodding me and now I have slumped like cow dung over wet mud in a rusty household near ‘that’ not-so-developed village, where people are shredding the very last portraits of mine and valuing my ‘contemporaries’. The picture I am trying to project is absolutely bizarre yet it’s vehement in its portrayal – portrayal of my state. (pause) (cough).

 You may not know me. Yes, You. For I have always been with you yet you never understood me; I know you don’t wish to know about me. Oh! Come on, you have so many commitments right? But let me tell you this. Everything that you do, plan to do or have actually done, somewhere or the other leads to me, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally. I am a companion you can never ignore because without me, you – a girl or a boy or whatever – would never even make a decision or spread your thoughts – ubiquitously – for ‘free’ as none of your thoughts are less valued – especially in your opinion – and aren’t available without any decree. Sad.

I believe my ‘anger’ is justifiable, for you haven’t taken any steps to save your dying sibling. Yeah! That sibling is me. But gaining your sympathy isn’t my cup of tea rather making you understand and feel my plight, well, to an extent, is.

For Mr. Gandhi was a decent man and in his time I was valued. I belonged to a ‘golden bird’ and represented the highest loyalty to the one who deserved me. I can be ‘bitchy’ in terms of my changing values yet that is how I was born and can’t change it. Many in a ‘market’ show their authority on me but I really don’t get what they are deciding on. It’s like someone asking the other, ‘hey, do you think I can make this misbehaving child a disciplined youth in a week? The answer is eventually ‘No’. Moreover, ‘they’ think they know my background, my emotional threshold and the break-even point, where I’ll give up everything and ascent as ‘they’ want me to. Now, as you are reading to my cry so intently, let me make this story straight for you.

Just few months back, the Superstar of our virtual entertainment world recited a new dialogue (ref. Ben Bernanke). I love that dialogue. It’s epic. He said, ‘Quantitative easing is required’. I was elated - sitting in the chair of the theatre with that scene flashing by. I praised him for such a performance. But I really didn’t know what it meant; I was just euphoric because of the star power surrounding the man during the dialogue. The next day, my best friend ‘Yen’, saw a sharp decline in his weight. His father, Japan, faced a migraine- stroke because of this. But I was young and rebellious. I wasn’t able to comprehend the situation then. In the same week, Dinar and pound, my two overseas friends, were ignoring my calls, as though I am nothing to them. 

I really wasn’t able to understand situations that arose in the same period. I was losing a lot of weight. Moreover, my so-called friend, Dollar, was gaining so much importance in the market. I had no option but to go, stand in front of him and give him fake appreciations, for I never understood why he was so important. But he had a good physique and was ‘stable’, actually physically stable but mentally ‘lost’. His masters were somewhat similar to mine. So, I can easily relate to his situation. I feel sympathetic for such an athlete. For me, on the other hand, the masters that control me, well, aren’t capable enough to even feed me properly. Maybe that’s why dollar is of more importance than me. Dollar’s masters are capable of bringing out stimulus plans, spend trillions on his recovery but my people, even though borrow and spend billions on my recovery – for they do as they have to – the money never even reaches my hospital doors. Either the ‘watchman’ outside the gate threatens the money-bearing officers with a gun and runs away with it or the ‘doctor’ treating me is more corrupt then I guessed, looking by his autocratic nature and incompetent surgical decisions. Bad guy!

Whoever you are, reading my outburst, I believe somewhere or the other you know me. I plead for my wellness and I believe that one day, these friends of mine would follow me and my idea rather me pleading them for mercy. I am you sibling, a true one. For now I need help. Don’t share me by likes or hash tags, but learn about me and understand me to the fullest so that you can free me from the prison of my masters. They Ill-treat me and I cry every day and night, for my pain is insufferable and my illness has caused me to lose a lot of weight.  I will die soon, if steps are not taken for my recovery. I plead my life. I plead my soul. Oh! Sibling, I plead my dignity.
Your Sibling.

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