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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decelerated Growth

Amartya Sen says “...the achievement of high growth must ultimately be judged in terms of the impact of that economic growth on the lives and freedoms of the people...”

Sen believes that in democracy, equality comes with freedom and social justice. Such are his views and such views cannot be solemnly misjudged. India is growing, a fact, yet its depreciating in terms of social empowerment and there is still no void filled when it comes for health reforms, rural infrastructural reforms, Girl child education and safety so on...

Let’s speak about the India that youth inhabit in. We have seen booming start-ups, new innovations, diversifying fields of professionalism and educational establishments, more rankings and researches, better opportunities, more reformed status of youth, greater emphasis on education and much better sense of accountability with younger generation looking the prospective of creative professionalism fuelling countries long-term prospects of growth. But is it?

NGO’s have been established, many are working to lift the rural people especially the children who are lacking the fundamental resources to cult a living in their budding age. Education is always prime importance; health becomes an important catalyst and resources, well, needed as by the urban people. Growth is not just acceleration of economy or winning competition from a bordering country but it is what happens within the country; it is the scale of ‘social justice’ that cannot be argued and it is the surety of equality of opportunity for every citizen that holds certain duties within the constitutional framework.

Nehru believed in capitalism even though India was more of a socialist and progressing in the same way under the Indira Gandhi regime. I do credit Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for the commercialization of our country with better technologies and more job-oriented opportunities stepping onto our shores. But the corruption was a side effect and that slowly nauseated India in its long run. If you agree, then it is still.

Being young gives me advantage of not knowing everything yet forming opinions is self analysis. I do not understand UPA or NDA or the Left and right. What I understand is that India needs to aim properly and focus at its goal as is said to a young student aiming to crack an entrance test. Having an economist leader like Mr. Singh is an advantage said my grandfather during the UPA win after Mr. Vajpayee lost. But ten years down the line, I could just see more scams and less development and many people angry with the same leader silent. If the sub-ordinates are angry then there was a mistake in the part of the leader and such organisation can, well, be imagined in rubbles when the D-day of new elections comes in. I, as a youth of this country, may just want to study, work hard and earn a proper living but then if my expenditures can, as per Keynesian economics, lead to a small growth of the country then I need assurances that my hard work and perseverance for such a long time to get that money is spent wisely and the required channels are being followed.

India is inching slowly towards the developed status quo. Such progress requires proper mentoring and taming by goal-oriented masters. Politicians can step in the shoes of such masters, forget the divisions among the parties, centrally allocate power to a neutral man like the President and move towards reform else Kedarnath was a natural calamity and can be excused for the several reasons but if the whole country, someday, is flooded and people scream out for help, then tell me, Who would carry out the rescue operations?

Growth statistics can be obtained from any websites or magazine, but the philosophy is what requires proper perspectives. Comment not only on your instincts of failure but also on the required governance and steps to save our deteriorating political offices. India lacks a leader and even if a strong one steps in, he or she would surely be suppressed or delayed by the opposing parties and bad politics. We require a neutral leader with one aim and one aim only- Growth. 

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