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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Circumstantially Close

 Circumstantially Close

The liberty of a chained man within the conundrum of contingencies defines his own state of malignant emotions playing mockery thus defined.

Established are those forceful men and women with complacent minds synchronized with the patterns of time and the sound of winning tides. For they are successful for their power thus defined.

They say thou shall seek friendship in the interior of heart yet none shall be defined close and none shall be far. For each is equal if they are thy friends else they are enemies which thou wouldn’t care.

For people may say in tests of circumstance, in an instance, for seeking sympathy, for emotional glance, that thou is my closest aide, thou I respect but when did you know the emotional bond, its been years just passed yet thou scorn.  Pity not mercy shall be bestowed and Compromise not vengeance is to tow.

Yet, the chained man still reminiscent of the pleasure and luxury now weeps, yet in the solitude of loneliness so scared he feeds. For thy god has betrayed not me not them, for thy god was a friend, a closest aide.

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  1. nicely written good use of words ,but lil to get a feel.:)