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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We never play dice

 We never play dice

The Courtesy of mind, a precise and measurable instance of pain, the ecstasy of fear and the taste of failure, When living a human life, we somehow in the dimension of time, feel the very need to struggle, to work, to succeed and live. Somehow within us there is aggression for achievement in competence to our aims and skills that we nurture in fulfillment of our desire. 

Question is: What is the struggle?

The Struggle is a fight, a fight that we beckon in search for answers. Answers to questions that bolster within us the gratification of isolation and solemnly bases us in negativity. But maybe this sadness of negativity has a possibility to vanish in the thin atmosphere of solitude until then we seclude ourselves within the corners of the symmetrical dice that plays mockery, that plays the probability and maybe that plays the chances.

These chances then, maybe, decide something we refer casually as luck. Luck for us has always been a subset of our destiny. Sometimes it replaces the phenomenon of opportunity. Opportunity becomes luck and then when we play fair, when our struggle in the isolation of negativity becomes fairly justified and we remain apprehended positively in the arsenal of free flowing thoughts, in that freedom, in that moment, we praise our chances, the symmetrical dice of struggle.
My question to you is: Who has played the dice?

We may answer that in different contexts but the truth to be told remains the same. We have our own dimensions and our own perspective and our own vision. We have been moving in the direction of fulfillment of our duties something that we postulate. At the end of day, if you succeed or if you lose, if you win or if you draw and if you feel satisfied, remember one thing, it was only you and you alone that governed the moment. Luck my friend is just opportunity but then the preparedness for the same, well, remains in your hand.

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