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Monday, January 17, 2011

Does GOD exist?

Thy question that quells

Does GOD exist?

Consider it done, when appalled by the very question of grief that surrounds the loneliness of a man, who isn’t actually void of emotions but pretends the same. Many things are hidden within him still unabsorbed and quell to the very sound of instinct that buffers through his enchanted mind of thoughts. He sings mercy to his ownself, but fights fear of loosing the very consent of his soul. He prays for independence, that he got and that he regretted.

A man believes he has someone, walking along in the empty streets, in the hour of darkness, in the time of wind, in the time of scarcity, in death. That someone who might be the harmonious identity of himself. For he then considers in the time of help, that this is a force of goodwill, for indicative means, of righteousness. He prays to the window opened ahead and looks for the sign of the person, who smiles from heaven and he whispers to himself, “GOD”.

But far from the significance of this very blind faith, the man abandons the oppositions and arguments that lead to sacrificing his belief. For he believes someone like god is immortal and that he just serves his master, Unknown of where he is and where from he would beseech... The man continues to defend his lust.  Never did he think that it was his work of glory and navigated mind into the dawn of failing, helped him get out of his trouble, but he thanked no one but the force that gave him the support when he needed that someone.

God is not a human or not a cup, it’s not a force or not a star or earth, it’s your creation and it’s just you that help yourself when you forget to do so. You are the force in this eternal universe, which you have created in name of God. It’s not being atheist, it’s being polite and human!

So does God exist?
Answer it yourself!

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